-Parallel Two-wheel Vehicle
with Lower Gravity Center of Vehicle Body-


@We developed the advanced parallel two-wheel vehicle in safety and easy operation which can be used by elderly and handicapped people. This vehicle has 2-DOF joystick. Passengers can operate easily and safely sitting. In addition, the position of the gravity center of this vehicle with the passenger sitting is lower than the wheel axis, since the vehicle has the battery, the actuators and the control devices are placed under the wheel axis. So, this vehicle has the structure of the pendulum. Therefore, enables the vehicle body with the passenger to always keep the stable posture, even if the vehicle is in the power-off or control-off conditions.

Seat Positioning Control System

@When the passenger sits on the seat of the vehicle, the vehicle body is leaned statically by moving the gravity center of the vehicle body with the passenger.
@By moving the seat with the passenger, the posture of the vehicle body is compensated. This control system works only static condition of the vehicle. Because of the compensation to the vehicle bodyfs posture leaned statically. When the vehicle is driving, the seat is secured on the vehicle body.

Active Mass Damper System

@when the vehicle is driven, wheel torque and disturbance are applied to the vehicle body, and the vehicle body is swayed by acceleration of the vehicle.
@In order to suppress the vehicle body swaying, the sway suppression control system with the active mass damper system is proposed. The sway suppression control system is located on the bottom of the vehicle body. The active mass damper system is driven back and forth on the linear slider by actuator.

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