-Vibration Suppression Control-


Now, diversity of the needs manufacturing at factory was changed from "mass production" to “ limited production of diversified products”  Therefore, highly versatile robot arms have been actively developed.
However, due to the components standardization, the components factories have adopted mass production system. Therefore, it is required better equipment to faster producing and making more highly precise components. For this purpose, our laboratory has developed a control system for high-speed and high precision equipment of manufacturing factory.

Stepping Motor

Stepping motor is a kind of motors which is assembled on various machines. If stepping motor accelerates rapidly or stops suddenly, centrifugal force will be generated and vibration will occur, so it will need longer time to stop. Therefore, it is a great lose of time because it can’t proceed to the next step till it stops. In addition, the stepping motor has problem that it does not stop at the desire position when it is continued pulling.
In our laboratory, we developed a system for controlling vibration after arrive target position and accurate to determine motor position.


A solenoid is a machine that moves up and down in the ON/OFF voltage.
When solenoid fully up to the top and hit, shaft (bar) will bounce off. For this reason, we have built a system in computer to reproduce the behavior of the solenoid to reduce the bounce. In addition, we also develop a system that can accommodate a change in temperature and, in various circumstances.

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