-Rotary Crane-


 In transportation task using a crane, it is desired to suppress the load sway and perform speedy for safety consideration and increasing work efficiency. In consequence, it entails large burden for crane operators.
 In this laboratory, we are developing an operational support system using control technology to suppress load sway. Additionally, we are developing an operational training simulator by applying the control technology. The research object is a shipboard rotary crane that is difficult to operate because the ship is swayed by sea wave and the transporting motion itself.

Transportation system with load sway suppression for shipboard crane

 We are developing a semiautomatic transportation system with load sway suppression on shipboard rotary crane. No matter how poor a novice operator is, the load doesn't sway in this system. Moreover, the system can transport to target position accurately by using target position tracking control, even in presence of disturbance such as wind or ocean waves. 

Operational training simurator for shipboard rotary crane

 We are also developing a crane simulator for training purpose to teach the load sway suppression skill to crane operators effectively. We propose a way to simply teach the sway suppression control to crane operators, by using visual guidance displaying operational information or haptic guidance using Active Joystick.

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