-Novel Intelligent Lift-Type Walking-Assist Mobile Robot-


 We are developing the gait training walker for supporting safe and comfortable gait rehabilitation. This walker is allows body weight supported training for load relief and active omni-directional gait training. We have studied for the achievement of gait training using hoisting load control and tracking control for the patient size and symptom.

Body Weight Supporting Control System

 In conventional gait training, lowering of motivation by pain and fear of falling have been the problem. In order to improve this problem, we have constructed a body weight supporting control system. This walker’s newly hoisting unit is allows to set separately left and right hoisting load by using independent motors. Therefore, we think that this system is effective for patients with hemiplegic and fracture.

Tracking Control System

 In gait training using conventional walker, patients need to hold a handrail of walker to support their weight. For this reason, it is difficult to control walker by using button or joystick. In order to improve this problem, we have constructed a tracking control system. Walking behavior is measured using laser range sensor and walking direction and velocity are estimated. Therefore, the walker is controlled and tracks the patient. Driving unit is allows omni-directional driving by using four omni-wheels. Therefore, unfettered gait training is allowed without manual operation and can move in the direction the patient wishes to go.

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