-Greensand Mold Press Casting-


 Recently, the research of automatic control on a press casting using greensand mold has been largely studied in our group. In this method, molten metal is poured into a lower mold and an upper mold is lowered onto the lower mold, then both molds are matched. This method does not need a sprue cup and runner of casting plan. Therefore the quantities of scrap can be enormously reduced.

Control of Liquid Pressure

 Typical casting defects such as the physical metal penetration with high pressure of molten metal and the dimensional error of product at the thin-wall and corner parts with low pressure, are often occurred. Experimental results of penetration analysis indicate that pressure suppression control is the key technique for the defect-free production. Hence, we present a theoretical design algorithm of pressing control motion satisfying the quality casting in the shortest cycle time.

Control of Liquid Behavior

 The air entrainment into the molten metal might be occurred by turbulent flow of the molten metal. The air entrainment into the liquid in the mold can be observed, when the upper mold is lowered with fast velocity. We have try to analyzed relationship between the upper mold’s lowering velocity and the air entrainment. Therefore, the upper mold’s lowering velocity control considering with elimination of the air entrainment can be realized by implementing the analyzed results to the controller.

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